Shula’s Naples Participates in Local Blue Zones Healthy Menu Initiative

Making healthy choices is front of mind for most Americans today. To help with this cause, Shula’s Steak House Naples will be running an extensive healthy menu, which is all a part of the Blue Zones Project. This is a community-wide initiative aimed at not only bringing healthy choices to the public, but making them more accessible.

It is no secret that healthy choices are not always easy to find, and sometimes they can be less than appetizing. The steakhouse in Naples has added a range of plant-based dishes to their existing menu as a way of contributing to the Blue Zones Project.

A Wealth of Alternatives at our Naples Steak Houses

Blue Zones NaplesAlong with our plant-based dishes, we now offer a wide range of grain alternatives for any refined grain item on the menu. To help serve our local economy, we offer local produce when it is available and in season, so get ready for a healthy, home grown experience.

Diners will also be able to split plates at no extra charge, encouraging healthy portion size. We know that everyone is different, and has different dietary requirements, so a key component of this program is flexibility!

Healthy Menu, Healthy Environment

Shula’s Naples also recently declared the restaurant a tobacco-free zone, an order that applies to both the indoor and outdoor areas of the restaurant. To take it a step further, we encourage any of our employees, family, friends and clients who do smoke, to quit using materials provided through Tobacco Free Florida. Eating healthy is just the first step on your road to becoming a healthier, more fit individual.

The Blue Zone Initiative

Shula’s Naples joins more than 126 other area companies involved with the Blue Zones Project. These companies are dedicated to improving the quality of life, increasing longevity, and ultimately better lives for residents and visitors to Southwest Florida.

Healthy eating is important, and many just don’t know where to start! We are dedicated to not only helping our customers to have a great dining experience, but also to live a great, healthy life that will allow you to live longer and accomplish all of the things that you want. If you’re ready to try something different, stop by the closest Shula steakhouse in Naples and enjoy everything we have to offer. Your taste buds will be amazed, and you will quickly realize that healthy eating is for you.