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A Challenge For True Beef Lovers


Since 1989, Shula’s Restaurant fans have been competing to earn a spot in Shula’s 48oz. club. Induction into this steak lover’s club is not for those with a small appetite, it requires finishing an impressive 48oz. Shula Cut® Porterhouse. Once inducted, you become a lifetime member of Shula’s 48oz. club and your name will live in infamy on our online registry of steak enthusiast members (see below).

A special Shula’s shout out goes to 48oz. Club Hall-of-Famer Taft Parker. When Parker tackled his 100th 48oz. Porterhouse at Shula’s Steak House, Coach Don Shula presented him with a commemorative football to honor his gastronomic accomplishment. Parker was able to eat his 100th 48oz. steak with Coach by his side and Coach was able to personally thank Mr. Parker for being such an enthusiastic fan. Taft Parker has now eaten over 347 of Shula’s 48oz. steaks as a tribute to Coach Shula’s 347 NFL coaching career wins.

40709 beef lovers of America
and counting.

Shula's Steak House formed the 48oz. Club in 1989 to honor the true beef lovers of America. The induction into this steak lovers club consists of finishing 48 ounces of the best beef money can buy - The SHULA CUT ®.

Taft Parker has now eaten over 347 of our 48oz. steaks!

The day Taft Parker tackled his one hundredth 48oz. Porterhouse, Coach Shula presented him with a commemorative football to honor this accomplishment. Taft Parker was able to eat his 100th with Coach by his side and Coach was able to personally thank Mr. Parker for being such a Raving Fan.

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Name Location Date
Gaari, Ed Miami Lakes 06/24/2001
Gaari, Michael Miami Lakes
Gabarron, Gabriel Miami Lakes 09/04/2007
Gabbard, Brian Tampa 07/09/2004
Gabe, Paul M. Miami Lakes 08/15/2003
Gabirondo, Jack Chicago NW 12/01/2011
Gable, John Chicago NW 12/16/2009
Gable, Patrick Naples 02/24/2010
Gabor, Nathon Indianapolis 09/09/2000
Gabos, Rock Tyson's Corner 10/02/2004
Gabriel, Ali Walt Disney World 01/24/2005
Gabriel, Boris Miami Lakes 11/09/1996
Gabriel, James Gainesville 04/24/2018
Gabriel, Jose New York 10/24/2008
Gabriele, Scott Walt Disney World 07/16/2005
Gabruk, Elizabeth Walt Disney World 12/19/2008
Gabrys, Tim Troy 07/11/1997
Gabryszak, Mathew Chicago 05/12/2006
Gabryszak, Matthew Chicago 05/12/2006
Gaccione, Samuel Chicago NW 08/22/2001
Gacrcia, Jose Tampa 04/09/2001
Gadaleta, Nick Miami Beach 08/04/2009
Gadbut, Paul Chicago 04/17/2002
Gaddont, BJ Chicago 07/24/2009
Gaddy, Steve Birmingham 12/18/2004
Gadea, Dr Jorge A Tampa 08/09/2003
Gadea, Jorge Tampa
Gadea, Jorge Tampa 01/08/2000
Gadel, Greg Philadelphia 02/04/2002
Gadson, Graylin Miami Lakes
Gadwell, Frank Troy 02/14/2003
Gaertner Jr., Rob Indianapolis 06/10/1999
Gaeta, Anna Walt Disney World 02/18/2000
Gaffin, Herny Indianapolis 05/05/2000
gaffney, andrew Saucon Valley 12/31/2014
Gaffney, Kurt Walt Disney World 04/13/2006
Gage, Kenneth Wild Horse Pass 02/05/2012
Gagliano, Daniel Naples 09/23/2001
Gagliano III, Charlie Baltimore 11/06/1999
Gagliardi, Marty P. Troy 03/16/2002
Gagliardi, Paul Indianapolis 04/02/2000
Gagne, Adam Indianapolis 04/26/2006
Gagne, David Chicago 04/27/2000
Gagne, Jay Indianapolis 03/16/1999
Gagne, Rob Troy 07/04/1998
Gagnon, Jimmy Walt Disney World 02/20/2003
Gagnon, Marc Walt Disney World 02/23/2007
Gagnon, Raymond Walt Disney World 05/23/2002
Gagnon, Robert Miami Lakes 11/18/2001
Gahman, Eric Philadelphia 11/04/2006

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