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The Shula Cut®

From the very beginning, with our first Steak House in 1989, Shula’s has served Premium Black Angus Beef. Black Angus cattle produce some of the best beef in the world and are considered to be some of the most flavorful, juicy and tender beef of all brands. Every Shula’s restaurant – from our fast-casual Shula Burger restaurants to our signature Steak Houses serve only Premium Black Angus Beef.

Our Premium Black Angus Beef is hand selected based on 10 science-based specifications in marbling, maturity, uniformity, flavor, appearance, consistency, and tenderness. These custom selections are then aged to perfection for an average of 28 days to optimize flavor and tenderness and then cut to Shula’s industry-leading specifications using only the most desired center cuts.…. creating The Shula Cut®. Less than 1% of all beef sold in America qualifies for The Shula Cut®.

Our Shula Cut® steaks are so tender and flavorful, all they need is a dusting of our own “Perfect Seasoning” of Kosher salt and ground black pepper before being grilled over an open flame to caramelize the beef and seal in the natural juices. One taste and you’ll know why the Shula Cut® is still Undefeated!

Only the Finest Ingredients

The same care and consideration we put into sourcing our beef is applied to sourcing all our ingredients. Whether its fresh seafood, prime pork and poultry, or farm raised produce, our dedication to food quality and premium ingredients is the foundation of The Shula’s Difference.

Shula's Steak House Menu