When You Want Something Besides Steak at a Steakhouse

Even though Steak is the essence of a great steakhouse restaurant, sometimes you just feel like having something different!  Or maybe you follow a special diets such as vegetarian, flexitarian, lacto-vegetarian or pescatarian. You aren’t alone, about 15-20% of Shula’s customers order non-beef dishes, with most of them opting for seafood.

Exploring Other Options

So, how do you go in and feel confident ordering a seafood or vegetarian dish, and be sure you won’t end up with plate envy for your neighbor’s juicy bone-in filet?  Talk to the server!  Great steak houses know that the same rules apply to non-beef options as they do for steak.  The key is to start with top quality seafood and vegetables, season them simply, cook them to perfection and then artfully present them to ensure optimum flavor and presentation.

Seafood is a Great Choice!

Shula’s has a strong seafood menu at our concepts including Shula’s Steak House, Shula’s 347 Grill, Shula’s 2 and Shula’s Bar & Grill.  Menu items depend on the concept but include favorites such as our seasonal daily market fish, sea scallops, ahi tuna, shrimp, jumbo lump crab, stone crab, and lobster.  Our daily market fish mirrors our center-of-the-plate steak offerings with thick center-cuts of seasonal fish including salmon, mahi, swordfish, tuna, snapper and grouper.  Guests can choose from a variety of preparations including grilled, blackened or seared and topped with a variety of sauces.

Vegetarian Selections

Guests also have non-seafood options to choose from as well including a fantastic wild mushroom ravioli with forest mushrooms, wilted garlic spinach and an herb demi.  Then there’s always a variety of colorful salads and savory sides to create a customized meal. Shula’s Chefs always have enough mise en place on-hand to be able to whip up something special upon request such as a cauliflower “steak” or even a grilled asparagus, roasted corn and charred tomato and artichoke ragout!


An Experience to Remember

Bottom line is that the same attention to flavor and quality that goes into steak needs to shine through in non-beef dishes.  Non-beef dishes should have the same “wow” factor when the meal is delivered.  The only case of plate envy should be from guests at other tables waiting for their meals to arrive, not between you and your neighbor’s steak!  Therefore, the key is to use premium, thick-cut fish, large premium grades of shellfish and top quality fresh vegetables.  Regardless of the dish ordered, the presentation, aroma and bright colors should tell the story of the dish, even before the first bite!  Starting with premium ingredients, simply seasoning them, cooking them to perfection and then artfully presenting them ensures the best flavor and experience whether you are dining on a juicy steak, a flaky piece of fish or a crisp and complex vegetarian dish.